SandmanTV (sandmantv) wrote,

Travel for 2013 Post

This year looks like a surprising amount of California.

January 1-4: NYC, end of the Winter Party
January 19-21: SF, saw Eddie Izzard and friends
February 2-4: NYC, the Tony who stole HRSFAmas

March 21-25: Cambridge, MA: VeriCon 13!
April 15-18: Sonoma, CA for a summit with our database vendor.
April 19-21: Maine, for a LARP weekend. Boston the days around it.

May 19: sophiescat's ordination!
May 26-27: Boston and Worcester, MA
May 28: NJ
June 13 - July 2: NYC for a wedding and seeing people.
July 3-7: Washington, DC. HRSFA Summer Party.
July 26-28: NYC. Birthdays!
July 29: Philadephia, PA
August 23-25: Minnesota State Fair
September 4-6: Seattle, WA. Work convention.
October 11-14: HRSFA Fall Party in LA.

November 6-11: Cambridge, MA
Dec 25 - Jan 1: NJ

There will probably be updates to this, with other trips to: CA, NYC, Boston, Ohio, Philadephia. Japan has even been discussed. But this is what is known so far.
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