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End of the Year Review Meme: Friends

A lot of memes going around for end of the year reviews. I decided to start one*: what new friends did you make?

(Feel free to interpret this definition as broadly and liberally as you like. “New” could mean “from casual acquaintance to friend” or “reconnected with an old friend” or "they were born")

My answers below the cut:

I got to know picklepikkl much better, and had many conversations with him about friends, philosophy, LARPs, and slowly integrating into HRSFA. Glad to have you!

I played in Dogmas and met several cool people there, especially JG who I exchanged many letters with and hang out with in WOW now.

I started chatting constantly with kepod, first for Fate/Keter, then Oncoming Storm, but quickly into hearing her thoughts and life updates constantly. She’s incredibly amusing and fantastic at coming up with visions and stories and flexible perspectives on life. It’s been a great, if funky, addition to my daily life. I encourage other people to siphon some of her unending ramblenergy.

Party host AB and I struck up a chatting friendship, often based around being up late at night when no one else is around. She’s great and I always enjoy talking to her, especially her unconscious interpretation of my rambles.

I’ve gotten to know Thrudd a lot better, from working on her Vericon Auction Team (go Evil!) to discussing the nature of gossip, to reading her work, to her fabulous blog ( go read it. It’s okay, I can wait) to writing a character for her in Oncoming Storm. And there was that time at the hospital, and also the fact that we both got up around 9am at this past house party. I've always known she was widely admired, but I never knew how satisfying she would be to interact with, and how appreciate she'd be of my various inputs.

I got to know regyt a lot better, which is something I always hoped for because of how many obviously awesome pies she has her finger in. Chef, former lawyer, born again programmer, feminist, urban bee farmer, avid reader, and blogged on more topics than you’ve forgotten, she’s been a really fun conversationalist.

I’ve gotten to know offside7, a fun and dedicated LARPer who has an excellent blog, and has been incredibly open towards our community despite having much more experience. I look forward to getting to know her friend AJS who seems in the same vein.

I met MM at the Fall Party West and, even if she’s in San Deigo, I’m really glad we have cool Hrsfen out on the West too who I’ve never even met yet.

I uh, hesitate to close this out because I’ve been so lucky that I dread I’m forgetting someone. So uh, expect this list to be updated as my memory returns. Probably in the middle of the night.

*Okay this is obviously stolen from one of the questions in the meme going around tumblr that theevilgenius followed. I didn't think my answer to most of them were that interesting. Though like her, if _you_ think any of those questions would be interesting for me to answer, then please ask me.
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